The old has gone, the new has come!

The end is drawing near and we’ve had a very eventful week! Surpassing everything was the awesome, but slightly crazy day we had baptising 6 people in the community. What a privilege! We ran out of fuel, squashed 14 people into a car and then had to walk 3 times on the way to avoid check points. We ran over a banana tree (Shadreck held it together in the ground as he tried to make amends with the owner which fooled no-one) … and even had to hide in the bushes at one point! But we reached our swimming pool destination eventually and had an amazing time seeing our new friends publicly declare their faith in Jesus.  We feel so blessed to have such an experience as part of our last week in Uganda!

We had some other new experiences in the community this week. We celebrated Eid – Morgan even got her hair braided and made up a rap for the occasion. We had two invites – and it didn’t dawn on us till it was too late that we should have controlled how much we ate at the first party!  At the second venue we all stared at the plates piled high in front of us, and our protests of how much it was fell on deaf ears. As soon as we were left alone we started the process of smuggling some food into L’s bag, Sandra being the only one to clean her plate! However, on the way out, our host complimented L on her bag and tried to have a look at it – there was a very awkward interaction as L gripped onto her bag while trying to be polite! Lesson learnt – one Eid invite is more than enough….

We also had some new encounters in **DBS’s this week, including an unplanned one with a captive audience in a taxi on the way to Kampala, and one where we became increasingly uncomfortable as we realised we were sat below some doves. The conversation was deep into Paul’s conversion and what it meant to accept Jesus when… we’ll leave you to imagine what happened next!

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