We realise the enormous value of the marketplace in God’s kingdom, both as a resource for mission, as well as an area for mission. With this in mind we aim to do 2 things:

1. Partner entrepreneurial missionaries with business people and finance. One of the greatest challenges for many missionaries is the area of sustainability and resources while on the field. Great initiatives often battle to get off the ground without support in these areas. We desire to train missionaries as tentmakers, partner them with a business mentor and were able create a funding path to see a business start and thrive within the special conditions of the mission field.

2. Train those in the marketplace with the tools and skills to be disciple makers in the work environment. We see from the scriptures that Jesus spent much of his life in the marketplace and we recognise and affirm God’s calling on those who spend time here.


Speak to us if you are interested in any of the following areas:

1. Missionary tentmaker interested in developing your skills or getting connected to the program

2. Business person able to help develop sustainable business ideas

3. Mentor – an experienced business person who would like to mentor a ‘tentmaker’ missionary

4. Seed Funder – interested in assisting All Nations grow a seed fund to fund these emerging initiatives.