Plans for the next Forge are being considered.

FORGE Discipleship Experience is a life-changing training in Cape Town, South Africa.  

We challenge today’s status quo both in the church and in the world, by embracing an adventurous Jesus. Doing what He did, following His example, and exposing His glory through us in a dark and desperate world. It’s more than just a ministry training school – we’ve chosen FORGE as an icon for what happens in this 8 week period: pressure, heat, iron-sharpening-iron, transformation, joy, deep friendship, adventure and travel, communal living, sharing parables, healing the sick, growing together in our knowledge of Christ, and entering a new culture as a learner… the elements of this experience evoke the imagery of a Master Craftsman at His forge, shaping us into His instruments with loving skill…making a difference in our world.

This training experience is designed to make disciples and train leaders among the most neglected peoples of the Earth. God longs to see His glory cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab. 2:14). His desire is for every person to have an opportunity to know & love Him. He accomplishes this through His people, His church, as we make disciples who make disciples, planting churches that plant churches. You are that person. Come as you are, allow Jesus to transform you and live an adventurous life.

After the 8 week class time, you will have the option to choose between 3 different outreach tracks.

  1. Home internship: You can return to your home/work where we will walk you through a 3 month internship program, give you a personal coach to help you through the process, to reach and disciple those around you.
  2. Local Outreach: This will be a 3 month cross-cultural outreach based here in South Africa. You will be placed in a small team to minster and work together. (Please contact us for pricing)
  3. International Outreach: This will also be a 3 month international outreach to some of the most neglected peoples in the world. It will be cross-cultural, challenging, and very rewarding ministry opportunity. Possible locations are the Middle-East, Himalayas, Europe or Asia. (Pricing varies depending on where the outreach will be.)

Contact us if you are interested in this training program!

Every Forge church planting experience trains leaders in the following 10 abilities
1. Ability to abide with Jesus
2. Ability to pray passionately
3. Ability to be a healthy person on a healthy team
4. Ability to engage neglected peoples
5. Ability to honour other cultures
6. Ability to share the gospel
7. Ability to make disciples who make disciples
8. Ability to facilitate discipleship groups
9. Ability to catalyze local leaders
10. Ability to ignite Church Planting Movements


8 Week Tuition Fees (Excluding outreach) For the Last Forge:
Tuition fees are determined by country or origin.  To find out which category you are in (A.B or C) please use this link:

Table of Economies by Category
Tuition Fees: (in South African Rand)

World C: R20,000

World B: R24, 000

World A: R28, 800

* These numbers are subject to adjustment in the future.


Have a read through the blogs from the outreaches of Forge 2016 & 2017 to get inspired!