Launch is our sending division. From the time a person starts to dream about a nation or people group, to the time they spend on the field, we coach and assist them. We start preparing workers in numerous important aspects that every church-planter needs, e.g. cultural understanding, emergency procedures, financial advice, ministry plan development etc. Through intentional discipleship, mentoring, coaching, peer coaching, member care, and counselling we work towards a stable and fruitful launch.
Once someone has been launched, we commit to ongoing coaching, pray for them every week, visit them once a year, and invite them back to Cape Town for a Leader’s Retreat. Launch is staffed by a team with field experience, coaches and those who focus on member care.
Launch is also pro-actively seeking ways to engage with neglected people groups and those who have never heard of Jesus,


This is an invitation to join us on an adventure!

All Nations Cape Town has set up a platform for professionals and students to respond to a window of opportunity found in the Middle-East, Africa and North-India. Our aim is to serve, influence and disciple in some of the world’s toughest and most neglected places.

Partnering with others we adopt strategic areas and mobilize short-term teams with long-term discipleship and development goals. We are looking for kingdom-minded individuals to serve alongside us. If you feel led to use your training and marketplace experience in this capacity please get in contact with us, we are excited to partner with you!