We are a diverse group of people in Masiphumelele who come together as a spiritual family to love God, love each other and love the community of Masi. We are well-suited for the rainbow nation of South Africa, because we represent many different cultures and nationalities (South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, UK, America….just to name a few).

We love to sing and dance together and express our worship in the many different languages represented in our family. We love to read the Bible together and help one another obey it. We love to go out together to meet new people we can share the love of God with.

Our dream is that the Masi Community Church will be full of people who are following Jesus with our whole lives, helping others to follow Jesus, and that those others are helping others to follow Jesus. As this chain of discipleship expands, we dream to see all of Masiphumelele transformed by the power of Christ.

We meet at each other’s homes every Wednesday evening to have time together as a family to worship and learn from the Bible and from one another.

We meet on Friday evenings at 6:30pm to pray together for Masiphumelele and each other.

And we meet on Wednesday afternoons at 1:30 to go out together in Masi to share the good news and pray for people we meet.

If you would like to come join us or just check us out, you are welcome anytime!

You can contact Viwe at 079 577 1234 for more information.


We are a group of people in the Masi Community Church who work full time in Masiphumelele. We all have various gifts and passions, but the same dream to see Masi transformed by Jesus. We spend our time praying for the community, sharing the good news of what Jesus has done for us, finding ways to serve. Jesus told us to “go and make disciples of all nations,” so we try and do this together in Masiphumelele. We “make disciples” by pointing people to Jesus and walking with them as we together discover how to follow Him more closely.

We see God moving powerfully in Masiphumelele. When people meet Jesus and discover his love, their lives are changed! One example of this is a young man named Daniel*. We shared the good news with him and his family last year and he immediately responded by wanting to leave the bad things in his life and start following Jesus. We showed him and his family how to discover God together by reading scripture, sharing what they think and helping each other to obey it. We call this a “Discovery Bible Study.” After we modeled it a few times, Daniel started leading his family in these studies. As they read stories of what Christ commands his followers to do, they decided as a family to be baptized and commit to follow Jesus. Daniel is even going out to share with others in Masiphumelele and help more and more people to follow Jesus. He testifies that God has completely changed his life, and he wants to share this life-changing Jesus with those who don’t know him.