Ocean View

We are working in a community called Ocean View, where about 40’000 ‘coloured’ (a South African term used for those who are not ‘black’ or ‘white’) people live. Ocean View was born as a township during Apartheid, built for the forcefully removed coloured people from around the area. Ocean View is built on a hillside with a truly lovely view of the ocean! The coloured people are lively, loud, good entertainers and have a love for good music and dance.
There are though also multiple challenges facing the people here. High unemployment, drugs, crime, prostitution and young people falling out of school are daily issues we encounter. Be believe God is busy doing something special! God is moving here even if it’s not always seen.

Hope Town

We want to bring hope and perspective to the young people at risk. In 2016 we founded HopeTown, a Youth Community and Youth Movement in Ocean View. We gather with different age groups once a week in our HopeTown Base and eat together, listen to each other and to God and experience a kind of a family what supports each other and where people find a place of belonging. Our family members are not those you would easily find in church. Gang members, teenage mother and fathers, school drop outs and young people who struggle with addiction learn to love each other and are discovering God. Our HopeTown family is diverse, wild and imperfect and hungry for change.

Hope Education Centre

We invest into young people to stay in the school system through tutoring. On three afternoons per week they come to the HopeTown base which provides a safe space and a healthy learning environment for them. Through loving support in their school subjects, they also experience a place where they can be who they are.

We work with young local tutors who just finished their Matric /High school. These role models gain a meaningful job in the community to serve their own people.


Art Education

Every Monday afternoon there are creative vibes in the air. We have a wonderful art teacher coming to invest into this young generation of future artists. Art unlocks potential in a wonderful way and self-confidence grows. There is so much more to come!


Skill Training Program

​There is also a Skills Training program in the making… we can’t wait to share it with you!

Keep in touch

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