1. To Catalyze Disciple-Making Movements of Healthy Local Churches

Given our vision to see Jesus worshipped by all peoples of the earth, All Nations is focused on making disciples and planting healthy local churches among unengaged and unreached peoples.


2. To Reach Unengaged and Unreached People Groups (UUPG)

Given that we know the name, size and location of the unengaged and unreached people groups in the world, All Nations is focusing on finishing the task of the Great Commission by doing our part of reaching every unreached and unengaged people group, small or large.


3. Muslims for Jesus

Given the predominance of UUPG’s in the Muslim world, All Nations is focusing on mobilizing workers and igniting disciple-making, church planting movements in the Muslim world.


4. Mobilize Asians for Missions

Given the size of Asian nations and the explosion of churches and church planting movements in Asia, All Nations is focusing on equipping and mobilizing Asians for global mission.


5. To Empower through Business for Missions (B4M)

Given that hundreds of thousands of Christian business people already reside in restricted access countries, and that market place followers of Jesus are called to make disciples and plant churches in the market place, All Nations is focusing on mobilizing believing business people around the globe to make disciples, plant churches, and implement business-for-missions principles and practices.


6. To Multiply Mobile Modular Training

Given our mission to make disciples and train leaders to ignite church planting movements among neglected peoples, All Nations is focusing on mobilizing more workers and calibrating field-based trainings for each stage of growth in a church planting movement.


7. To Pray Passionately That Jesus Will be Worshipped in All Nations

Given our total reliance and great need for power to be witnesses to Jesus, we are re-committing to more and more prayer to do our part to finish the task and complete the great commission.